3080 Series Entry Trim


Description: The 3080 Series Entry Trim provides outside activation for doors with any type of Adams Rite exit device. The locked handle is protected from vandalism and forced entry with a breakaway clutching mechanism.

3080 Series Entry Trim:
: The 3080 Series provides outside activation of doors that have any type of Adams Rite Exit Device. Breakaway clutching mechanism protects the locked handle from vandalism or forced entry, in either direction. All models share the same core components, so handles can be changed without having to replace the entire trim. Solid construction meets Grade 1 standards.

3080E Electrified Entry Trim:
Function: The 3080E Electrified Entry Trim provides a continuous duty solenoid mounted to the trim, which enables remote activation of the locking function without unlatching the door, making this trim ideal for stairwell and fire doors.


Standard Handles: The 3080-01, -02, and -03 lever handles are designed to return within ½” of the door face. Handles in the Designer Series do not have this same feature. Please verify with local code requirements to ensure compliance.

Options: Can be ordered with or without a hole for cylinder. Order standard mortise cylinder with MS® cam separately. Order 4603 Rectifier, 4605/4606 Transformer or PS-1 Power Supply separately.


3001 and 3002 Fixed Pulls: US32D Satin Stainless Steel pulls have 2-3/4” x 11-1/2” escutcheon. Order with or without cylinder hole. For hollow metal and wood doors only.

Door Preparation and Trim Installation: Door prep and installation will differ depending on the type of exit device being used. Refer to the Adams Rite templates for 3080 Entry Trim or 3080E Electrified Entry Trim for preparation details.


Mortise Cylinder – 4036-01
: Standard diameter five-pin unit with MS cam, suitable for use with entry trim. Available in quantity all keyed different (KD), in pairs (KA2), or 50 alike (KA50). Any other make standard mortise cylinder with MS® cam can be used to key-in with existing systems.

Cylinder Cam: 3080 Series Entry Trim can accept any standard 1-5/32” diameter mortise cylinder with MS® cam, dimensioned as shown. Cylinders with MS® cams can be readily obtained from most cylinder manufacturers. See CYLINDERS for cylinder make, thumbturn and trim ring information.



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Cylinders Power
3080 Entry Trim is operable by any standard 1-5/32” diameter mortise cylinder with MS® cam, dimensioned as shown. Please see CYLINDERS for more cylinder, thumbturn and trim ring information Power supplies and power transfer devices such as 4605/4606 Transformer, 4603 Rectifier,PS-1 Power Supply and 4612 Power Transfer Device are available separately, as required for the 3080E electrified trim.

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4300 Electrified Deadlatch

4500 Series Standard Duty Deadlatch

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4781 Two-Point Deadlatch (with paddle)

Adams Rite 8000 Series and 3000 Series Exit Devices.


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Instructions and Templates

3080 Entry Trim Installation Instructions

3080 Installation Instructions.pdf (.pdf, 634 kB)

Published 5 Apr 2013