4603, 4605, 4606 Transformer/ Rectifier/ Piezo Horn

Description: Transformer, Rectifier and Piezo Horn

4603 Rectifier: Converts low voltage AC current to DC of same voltage. Installs in low voltage line between transformer and strike. Full wave bridge type. Rated 2 Amps. (200 PIV).

4605 Transformer: Converts 120VAC to 12VAC/24VAC. Rated 40 Volt-amp output assures plenty of power for strike release.

4606 Plug-In Transformer: Converts 120VAC current to 24VAC. Plugs into standard wall outlet.

29-0218 Piezo Horn: Provides for audible indication of when a DC strike is energized. Operates with 12 VDC, 16 VDC, or 24 VDC strikes.


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