DL100 Wireless Deadlatch

The most advanced,  aluminum stile electrified deadlatch with Aperio® technology.


The DL100 Wireless Deadlatch seamlessly combines electrified locking hardware with access control system while working within standard aluminum stile entrance door preparations. Always operable from the inside via handle or paddle device. Entry via the integrated card reader or mortise cylinder. The standard fail secure DL100 Wireless motorized Deadlatch with form “C” latch status monitor and reader is powered by 2 AA lithium batteries. Units are equipped with a quick connect plug-in type connector. Interchangeable without stile modification for MS® Deadlocks or Adams Rite 4500 and 4900 Deadlatches. 1-3/4" [44.5 mm] minimum door thickness required. Offers Real time DPS, tamper, REX and battery health monitoring and control with Support for HID multiCLASS SE and NFC/BLE mobile access card technologies.


Turn key, use mobile or card credentials, or operate handle or paddle to release the spring-loaded latch bolt. Easily interfaces with other access control system elements. Available in a fail-secure configuration only. Lock accepts any standard 1" [25.4 mm] length, 1-5/32" [29.4 mm] diameter mortise cylinder with MS® cam such as the 4036 Mortise Cylinder or thumbturn such as the 4066 Thumbturn, available separately. Lock accepts cylinder from either or both sides.

NOTE: The DL100 is available as either a pre-paired 1-to-1 lock and hub kit (no certification required) or as a field configurable component requiring Aperio® Certified Integrator Certification.


  • UL 294 Listed – Indoor Rated
  • UL 294 Salt Spray Test Compliant
  • Tested to IP65 (Reader Only)
  • FCC Part 15 & Industry Canada Compliant
  • CE RED – Radio Equipment Directive – 2014/53/EU


All Models: 

  • 2.4 GHz Aperio wireless technology
  • Integrates with most existing access control systems and credentials
  • Audit trail limited by access control system
  • Battery operated 

Deadlatch Features:

  • Non-handed
  • Fail secure operation (standard)
  • Factory configured Form C Latch status monitoring
  • Integrated locked state and tamper monitoring
  • Universal compatibility with any existing MS® door prep
  • Fully finished faceplate and strike plate
  • Tamper resistant
  • Features low energy EcoLatch® motorized actuator technology

Lock Backset: 31/32" [24.6 mm], 1-1/8"[28.6 mm], and 1-1/2" [38.1 mm].

Case: Steel with corrosion-resistant plating. Measures 15/16" x 5-13/16" x depth [23.8 mm x 147.6 mm x depth]. Depth varies by backset.

Latchbolt: Stainless steel. Measures 5/8" x 1" x 5/8"[15.9 mm x 25.4 mm x 15.9 mm] throw.

Auxiliary Bolt: All metal. Deadlocks latchbolt to prevent “loiding” or case-knife entry.FaceplateMeasures 1" x 6-7/8" [25.4 mm x 174.6 mm]. Both flat and radius faceplates are supplied. Flat faceplates can also be adjusted in the field for right or left beveled edge doors.

Strike: Pick from optional strikes. 4304 surface mounted strike for easy retrofits. Specify 4901-01 mortised-flush version when covering existing MS® deadlock preparation or for new applications. 4901-02 strike is available with radius profiles for pairs of doors and with extended lips of center-hung or thick door applications.

Standard Package: Individually boxed with strike plate, flat and radius faceplates, and mounting screws. Supplied with 4581 Universal Cam Plug to work with specified handles or paddle operators. Cylinder, paddle, handle available separately.

Shipping Weight: 1-1/4 lbs [0.57 kg].


  • DL100-DRK Door Repair/Retrofit Plate


Wireless Access Control: Minimal field configuration for quick, easy wireless deployments that eliminate the cost and inconvenience of hardwiring the door. Fully-encrypted AES 128 bit wireless communication between the DL100 lock and Aperio® hub ensures data security. The Aperio wireless hub connects to an access control system with typical access control cabling or via an ethernet connection. The Aperio hub should be mounted within 50’ of the desired lock location and through two walls or less.

Compatible Aperio Hubs: AH20, AH30, AH40


  • Operating Temperature (lock & reader): 14° to 140° F [-10° to 60° C]
  • Operating Humidity (lock & reader): 0 to 93% relative humiditynon-condensing


  • (2) “AA” lithium batteries (included)
  • AA LR6 (1.5 V) lithium ion batteries required. Use of other types of batteries, such as alkaline, will significantly decrease battery life
  • microUSB port for emergency power

 Credential Support

  • High Frequency (13.56 MHz): HID iCLASS®, HID iCLASS SE® (SIO®-enabled), HID iCLASS® Seos®, HID MIFARE® SE, HID DESFire® EV1 SE, MIFARE CLASSIC, DESFire® EV1, DESFire® EV2 (legacy mode)
  • Low Frequency (125 kHZ): HID Prox®, AWID, EM4102, IoProx
  • Mobile Access Credentials: NFC, HID BLE Mobile Access, SEOS iOS Apple Wallet

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