Electric Dogging

Discontinuation Notice

Adams Rite Electric Dogging Option for 8000/3000 Series Exit Devices has reached it's end of lifecycle and has been discontinued as of May 8, 2020. Please contact the factory with any questions. 

The ED option uses a holding magnet that keeps the pushbar depressed once it is set manually, and keeps the latch retracted for a lower profile exit device, resulting in less damage and quieter operation.

  • Available on all 8000 | 3000 Series
  • An internal microswitch signals when the bar is depressed – ideal for automatic door operators. 
  • On fire-rated devices, the ED option must be wired through the fire alarm system. 
  • Devices operate at 24 VDC at 0.6 Amps, with only a transformer and rectifier.
  • Not to be used as an access control element. Motorized Latch Retraction option or LR Latch Retraction option is recommended with access control devices such as card readers or keypads.