MS4043 Cylinder Guard

Description: The MS4043 Cylinder Guard is a hardened-steel ring to protect cylinder from vandalism.

Function: The standard mortise cylinder is made of brass. It is literally a soft spot in narrow stile door security. Using special pliers, a pipe wrench or other leverage device, a burglar can tear the cylinder out of the door, leaving an opening through which to operate the deadlock. Against this problem, the MS4043 Cylinder Guard offers a three-way defense: 1.The outer shield ring is fully beveled to offer poor purchase for either prying or twisting. 2. This ring is hardened steel so that the combination of shape and hardness make it virtually impossible to grip, even with sharpened tools. 3. In the event that a prying tool such as a cold chisel can be driven into the stile behind the shield ring, the would-be burglar is obliged to pull a heavy steel plate through a round hole in the 1/8” metal door stile. This degree of leverage is far beyond that available with most hand tools.


Security Ring: Made of hardened steel. Free-swiveling when properly installed.

Retainer Ring: Hardened steel, plated for corrosion resistance. Permits security ring to swivel.

Trim Finish: Powdercoat to match 130 (Aluminum Satin), 121 (Dark Bronze), and 119 (Black).

Options: MS4043 Cylinder Guard fits a standard 1/8” stile wall. For 1/4” thick stile walls, specify MS4043-01.

Standard Package: Individually packaged with spacers for flush fitting in thin stile walls. Cylinders available separately. Shipping weight: 1/8 lb.

Compatible Products: This product is compatible with the following products:

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