Options and Accessories for 3000/8000 Series Exit Devices

Exit Device Options and Accessories: Adams Rite Exit Devices can be ordered with electrification options for standalone access control or integration with maglocks, card readers, keypads, fire alarms, power door operators, and other control systems. Different exit device types have different installation and power requirements. Please refer to product pages for more information on all available exit device types, functions, installation requirements and complete How-to-Order guides.

Silent Electrification Motorized Latch Retraction: The SE Motorized Latch Retraction option provides near-silent operation for quiet environments such as hospitals, offices, hotels, and libraries where solenoid-driven devices would be disruptive. The high speed/low current draw motor (0.4 Amps inrush current, 0.2 Amps hold current) offers a powerful yet efficient system that allows for lighter gauge wiring and an energy-saving reduced amperage power supply. The device also features electric latch retraction with electric dogging which minimizes hardware projection and noise. The SE option is available with 3000/8000 Series Exit Devices and the RITE Door®.

Order PS-SE Power Supply separately (PS-SE powers two exit devices). Rated for continuous duty (see POWER). Adams Rite recommends that for optimal performance all exit devices with the SE option be paired with PS-SE power supplies.

4612 Power Transfer is available separately for secure and unobtrusive means of channeling electrical wiring from the door frame into the door itself.

Electric Latch Retraction: The EL option for rim exit devices and LR option for all other exit devices (non-rim exit devices) use a solenoid mounted in pushbar for instantaneous unlocking and locking of the exit device from a remote location or access control device. Because electrical operation of device is fail-secure, this option can be used on fire-rated as well as life-safety applications. In the event of a power failure, device automatically relocks. Rim devices with the EL option are available in 12 or 24 VDC, and can be powered with a simple transformer and rectifier or other DC power supply.

Solenoid Specifications for CVR, SVR, and Mortise type devices (LR option):
16 Amps inrush/ 0.5 Amps hold

Solenoid Specifications for Rim devices (EL option):
EL-12 VDC – 1.5 Amps inrush/hold
EL-24 VDC – 0.6 Amps inrush/hold

Solenoids are rated for both intermittent and continuous operation. Only rim exit devices with the “EL” application are available with mechanical dogging, specify “ELD”

Order PS-LR Power Supply separately for LR option (PS-LR powers two exit devices). For warranty purposes Adams Rite requires that all CVR, SVR, and Mortise type exit devices with the LR option be paired with PS-LR power supplies. Rated for continuous duty (see POWER).

Order PS-1 Power Supply separately for EL option (PS-1 powers two exit devices). Rated for continuous duty (see POWER).

4612 Power Transfer is available separately for secure and unobtrusive means of channeling electrical wiring from the door frame into the door itself.

Alarmed Exit Device: For all Adams Rite Exit Devices
This battery-operated option emits a loud (95 decibel) alarm to notify management of unauthorized exit. Alarm is controlled by a key in any standard Mortise cylinder with MS® cam to arm, disarm, delay, or reset the alarm. Will not alter the Life-Safety characteristics of the exit device in any way. Red letters printed on the bar give a “hands off” warning to deter accidental activation. Four AA alkaline batteries power twin horns for two minutes (or until disarmed) when pushbar is depressed. Beeps to signal need for new batteries. Minimum opening width: 36”

Request to Exit – Monitor/Signal Switch: For all Adams Rite Exit Devices
M1 – Single Switch
M2 – Dual Switch
Mounted in the exit device pushbar on the hinge end, the switch can be used to activate signal light, horn, monitor, or other devices. Switch can be wired for normally open or normally closed. Can be retrofit in field to existing exit devices. Dual switch version offers redundancy as required by some building codes or it can operate a second signaling device.

Order REX-Monitor/Signal Kits for upgrading any 3000 or 8000 Series device: 91-0897-01 for Single Switch or 91-0897-02 for Dual Switch.

Cylinder Dogging: For all non-fire rated Adams Rite Exit Devices.
For management control of dogging. Any standard 15/16” to 1-1/8” long Mortise cylinder with MS® cam can be used in a pushbar prepared at factory with Cylinder Dogging kit. Not for use with Alarm, ED, EL, LR or SE options.

Electric Dogging: For all Adams Rite Exit Devices.
The ED option uses a holding magnet that keeps the pushbar depressed (set manually) and the latch retracted for a lower profile exit device, resulting in less damage and quieter operation. An internal microswitch signals when the bar is depressed – ideal for automatic door operators. On fire-rated devices, it must be wired through the fire alarm system. Devices operate at 24 VDC at 0.6 Amps, with only a transformer and rectifier.

Not to be used as an access control element. SE Motorized Latch Retraction option or LR Latch Retraction option is recommended with access control devices such as card readers or keypads.

Matching End Caps: Standard Adams Rite exit devices come with black metal end caps. Matching end caps are available for applications where it is preferable that the end caps match the finish of the exit device. Available for US finishes only.

Specify by adding “MEC” after the regular ordering matrix.

Monitored Dummy Pushbar:
8099M1 – Single Switch
8099M2 – Dual Switch
8099-00 – Dummy Only
Dummy pushbar with no latch mechanism but with either a single or dual monitor/signal switch. May be used with a maglock, where bar turns off magnet and allows exit from building. Dual switch version allows redundancy where required by code or the operation of a signal device. Specify door type and width when ordering.

3080 Series Entry Trim: The Grade 1 3080 Series Entry Trim provides outside activation for doors with any type of Adams Rite deadlatch or exit device. The locked handle is protected from vandalism and forced entry with a breakaway clutching mechanism.

3090 Keyless Entry: A battery operated keyless entry control device, the eForce-150 3090 Keyless Entry provides access control for Adams Rite deadlocks, deadlatches, and exit devices for aluminum stile, steel, and wood door applications. The eForce 3090P (Prox) and 3090C (iClass®) Keyless Entries provide maximum security with either HID® Prox or iClass contactless card reader.