EX80 Dummy Push Bar


Materials: Active pushbar and back bar made of extruded aluminum. Matching metal angled end caps.

Handing: Device is non-handed.

Door Thickness: Suitable for use with all door thickness.

Stile Width: Minimum 2" stile. Fits ultra-narrow, narrow, medium and wide stile aluminum doors.

Active configuration

  • 2-1/2" when fully projected, 1-3/4" when dogged.

Inactive configuration

  • 2-1/2" when inactive fully projected, 1-3/4” when inactive dogged down.

Fasteners: Device mounted using standard self-tapping screws. Hardware is not visible from back when installed. Adhesive templates for mounting included.

End Caps: Mounting end cap with 1/4" overlap for cut coverage.

Universal Hardware Kit: Hardware kit is suitable for aluminum, hollow metal, and wood door applications.

Noise Reduction: 

  • Impact bumpers to reduce noise from the initial device activation
  • Return control to dampen the sound and control the device returning to its resting state
  • Horizontal and vertical guides decrease the scraping sound of the active push bar on the static back bar

Monitoring: Comes standard with two monitoring switches. Decice is field selectable active or inactive configuration.


Finishes: Pushbar and backbar available in choice of 313 Dark bronze anodized, 335 Black anodized, 628 Clear anodized. Metallic end caps finished to match exit device.

Device Length:

Exit Device Length Standard Door Opening Width Active Pushbar Length (as measured with end caps) Back Bar Length
Regular (R) 30" – 36" [762 mm – 914.4 mm] 24" [609.6 mm] 32-1/8" [816 mm]
Mid-length (M) 30" – 42" [762 mm – 1,066.8 mm] 24" [609.6 mm] 38-1/8" [968.4 mm]
Long (L) 42" – 48" [1,066.8 mm – 1,219.2 mm] 30" [762 mm] 44-1/8" [1120.8 mm]

* Device may be field cut to fit opening width between standard lengths by cutting the back bar and filler plate. 

How To Order:

EX80 Dummy Push Bar: Specify quantity and the following information. Order related products separately. 

Model Length Finishes
EX80 R 628
  R Regular (36") 313 Dark Bronze Anodized
M Mid-length (42") 335 Blank Anodized
L Long (48") 628 Clear Anodized