Options and Accessories for Flushbolts

Options and Accessories for Flushbolts: Adams Rite Flushbolts can be ordered with a variety of related products including strike plates, trim and cylinder accessories and compatible products such as Adams Rite deadlocks. Please see product pages for more information on all available flushbolt types, functions, installation requirements and complete How-to-Order guides. For more detailed information on any of the products listed below please refer to the corresponding section of this site/the catalog. 

4000 Series MS Deadlock Strikes: 4000 surface mounted strike plate, 4001 strike plate with dust box, 4005 threshold strike, 4006 floor strike, or 4505 armored strike add aethestics and finish to strike cutouts in jambs. 

8650 Cylinder Escutcheon: If key entry operation is required for 4781 Two-Point Deadlatch with Paddle, any standard mortise cylinder with MS cam can be installed outside through an 8650 Cylinder Escutcheon. 

MS1880, MS1881 Two-Point Flushbolts and MS2180 Auto-Release Two-Point Flushbolt MUST be installed in conjunction with a pivoted bolt MS deadlock. See DEADLOCKS section of this site/the catalog for information on all available types and functions including complete How-to-Order guides for Adams Rite Deadlocks including the MS® Maximum Security Deadlocks. 

4036 Mortise Cylinder: The 4036 Mortise Cylinder is a standard 1” long, 1-5/32” diameter cylinder that provides five-pin security with most Adams Rite locks or latches.

4066 Thumbturn: The 4066 Thumbturn interchanges with standard 1-5/32” diameter mortise cylinder and operates locks or latches without a key.

MS4043 Cylinder Guard: The MS4043 Cylinder Guard is a hardened-steel, free-swiveling ring to protect cylinder from vandalism such as prying or twisting.