1000 Series Turns

Description: The 1000 Turns are designed to operate Adams Rite MS1847® Deadlocks and the 5017 Wood Door Deadlock.

Function: 1000 Turns are designed to operate Adams Rite MS1847® Deadlocks and 5017 Wood Door Deadlock. 1000-11 and 1000-21 have a rectangular escutcheon for mounting directly on door. 1000-01 and 1000-02 are without escutcheon, designed for easy push-nut mounting to door pull or other trim plate.


Materials: Turn Lever: Zinc alloy, trim finish 130; Escutcheon: Stainless steel, trim finish 130.

Spindles: Hardened steel, plated for corrosion resistance. First dash number in order guide indicates spindle parallel or perpendicular to turn level. Second dash number indicates spindle length "L". See dash table on catalog page.

1004 Turn: 1004 Turn has a longer, more ergonomically-friendly turn lever. 

1015 Turn: Available with 1016 blank plate for doors from 5/8” to 2-1/4”thickness. Without blank plate turn available (for use with cylinder pull) on doors from 7/16” to 2” thickness. Standard finish 130, Satin Aluminum enamel.  Turn 1015 for use with 5017 lock is designed for wood door applications.

Options: The availability of both perpendicular and parallel drives in these turns, coupled with the three hub drive positions of the MS1847 lock, provides several options. Choice of turn drive position relates directly to the particular lock hub drive position. Special care in specifying both the proper turn and lock in ordering is recommended. Chart in catalog shows turn positions relative to lock hub positions. Broken line indicates direction of travel (45°) to retract bolt (see chart on catalog page).

Standard Package: Individually packaged. Dash-21 and Dash-11 assembled, with escutcheon. Dash-01 and -02, unassembled, include turn, spindle, washer and push nut for assembly on the door pull plate. Shipping weight: 1/16 lb.


Compatible Products – This product is compatible with the following products:


MS1847 Deadlock

5017 Wood Door Deadlock