Hands-Free Solutions

Hands Free Solutions

ASSA ABLOY offers products that provide hygienic solutions for hands-free and limited touch access and egress. Suitable for healthcare facilities or any other door opening where reducing the transmission of germs is essential to public safety.

Limited Touch: 4590 & 4591 Push/Pull Paddle Trim

4590_4591 Deadlatch Paddles

Open doors with a push of the hip or pull of your arm with Adams Rite Push/Pull Deadlatch Paddle Trim. Design reduces unsafe catchpoints on clothing and the ability to control the door with limited contact helps to reduce germ transmission. 

Adams Rite 4590 and 4591 Deadlatch Paddles

  • Ergonomically friendly alternative for knobs or lever handles
  • Available in 4 push or pull configurations
  • Compatible with Adams Rite deadlocks and deadlatches to provide compliance with single motion to egress requirements

No Touch Exit Switches

Provides safe egress or hands free activation of a locking device with a simploe wave of the hand. Designed to reduce the risk of contamination. 

Exit Motion Sensors

Motion detectors specifically designed to reliably release magnetic locks.


Wireless Transmitters & Receivers

Remote access at the push of a button. 

Automatic Operators

Full line of hands free, low energy door operators to provide automated lock control.

Push/Pull Trim

Easy to use, high-strength, literature-resistant push/pull paddle trim provides door control with limited contact. 

Power Supplies & Accessories

Power supplies and accessories to protect and enhance the performance of any electrified door opening.