Exit Devices

Q: I currently have an 8600 concealed vertical rod (CVR) exit device with the standard hex head dogging installed on a narrow stile aluminum door. Can you add cylinder dogging without replacing the entire device? 

A: Yes, cylinder dogging can be added to any non-electrified 8000 series device without replacing the entire panic bar. The only portion that will have to be replaced is the pushbar. The preparation for cylinder dogging on the pushbar is done at the factory. A standard mortise cylinder with a MS® cam is sold separately. To order a new pushbar with cylinder dogging, order as if you are ordering a complete device and replace the dash with a “C” and add a “ – PB” following the door opening width. 

Ex: 8611C36 – PB = Pushbar only with cylinder dogging 628 finish – 36” Door opening 

Q: Can an 8650-escutcheon pad be used to mount cylinders to any exit devices other than the Concealed Vertical Rod Devices? 

A: The 8650 is designed for use only with the Concealed Vertical Rod (CVR) exit devices. The CVR devices require a standard mortise cylinder with an MS® cam for outside key operation. To mount the mortise cylinder an 8650 escutcheon pad is required. Mortise type devices allow the mortise cylinder to be threaded into the latch case and secured with a set screw, therefore a mounting pad is not required. Rim and Surface Vertical Rod devices require a rim cylinder. Rim cylinders are supplied with two mounting screws that attach the cylinder directly to the door so a mounting pad is not required. Cylinder guards can be used for added security if necessary.