1875 Two-Point Deadlock

Description: The 1875 Two-Point Deadlock provides security for roll-up doors, security screens, or similar doors. Two bolts are operational from either or both sides of the deadlock.

Function: For overhead “garage” doors, roll-up security screens, or similar doors. Provides turn operation of two bolts from either or both sides. Accepts standard mortise cylinders for key control of bolts to secure them in either projected or retracted position.

Operation: 90° rotation of turn throws or retracts bolts. 360° turn of key deadlocks mechanism, preventing operation of the turn in either locked or unlocked position.


Cylinder Backset: Bolt arms require inside stile clearance of 1-11/16” on one side of cylinder center, 1” on the other.

Case: Steel with corrosion-resistant plate, measures 1” x 6” x 2-5/8”.

Bolt Arms: 1-1/32” throw. Threaded for 1/4” – 20 rods. Because of design variations in this type of door, no standard bolt can be offered to fit all makes of doors. Contact the Adams Rite factory concerning bolts, rods, bolt guides, and strikes to fit individual door designs.

4060 Turn: Zinc alloy escutcheon and handle. Finish is US26D. Steel spindle is also available to accommodate various door thicknesses.

Cylinder Cam: 1875 Two-Point Deadlocks are operable by any standard 1-5/32” diameter mortise cylinder with MS® cam, dimensioned as shown. Cylinders with MS® cams can be readily obtained from most cylinder manufacturers. See CYLINDERS section for cylinder make, thumbturn and trim ring information.

Options: 4060 Turn shown is available with choice of spindle lengths. Bolts, connecting rods, bolt guides, and strikes are available by special order. Cylinders also available separately.

Standard Package: Shipping weight: 1-1/2 lbs.


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4060 turn available separately.

Cylinder guards are available separately.

Operable by any standard mortise cylinder with MS® cam, dimensioned as shown. Please see CYLINDERS for more cylinder, thumbturn and trim ring information.
Bolts and connecting rods are available separately by special order only.