4800 Series Strikes

4800 Series Strikes add aesthetics and finish to strike cutouts in metal or wood jambs.

4800: With vertical adjustment to accommodate door/jamb misalignment and a shim system for horizontal positioning to match various jamb bumper designs, the 4800 Series Strikes can be fit to nearly any sliding door using a mortised MS1847 Deadlock/Deadlatch.

Materials: Steel, heat treated. Shims are ABS plastic. Available in choice of Zinc (603) finish, US32D (630) Satin Stainless.


MS4804: This reinforcing strike provides strength equal to the strength of the stainless steel bolt of the MS1847 Deadlock/Deadlatch: tested to 1000 lbs [453.59 kg] of force. This strength by far exceeds the standards of the Architectural Aluminum Manufacturers Association as well as the strictest current municipal security ordinance.

Faceplate: Measures 1/16" x 3/4" x 3-3/8" [1.6 mm x 19.1 mm x 85.7 mm]. Steel, plated for corrosion resistance. MS4804-10 available in US32D (630) Satin Stainless.

Reinforcing Plate: Measures 1/16" x 1/2" x 3-3/8" [1.6 mm x 12.7 mm x 85.7 mm]. Steel, plated for corrosion resistance. Tapped for furnished #10-32 flathead screws.



Standard Package: All strikes are individually packaged with screws and shim if required.
4801 Strikes are furnished with sheet metal screws for metal jamb installation.
4802 Strikes are furnished with machine screws and tee nuts which are installed on the back side of the jamb to provide the strongest possible anchorage in wood.

Shipping Weight: 1/2 lb [0.23 kg]


Compatible Products
: This product is compatible with the following products:

MS1847 Deadlock/Deadlatch