B1921, B1923 Reinforcing Pivots

B1921, B1923 Reinforcing Pivots provide an economical way to transfer load from hinges of sagging hollow metal or wood doors.


This full-surface reinforcing pivot adds years of life to openings where the hinges or hinge reinforcements have failed. Reinforcing pivots take the load off the top hinge and transfer it to screws that are in shear so they will notpull off. The quick and economical way to solve door sag problems.



Type: Full surface reinforcing pivots for flush doors.

Finish: Zinc plating over steel.

Materials: Heavy duty 3/16" [4.8 mm] cold-rolled steel.

Cycle Testing: 1,500,000 cycles

Capacity: Supports weights up to 300 lbs [136.08 kg]

Hole Pattern: Symmetrically located. Non-handed.

Hinge Size:
B1921: designed with 1/2" [12.7 mm] offset to match the pivot point of a 4" [101.6 mm] wide butt hinge.
B1923: designed with a 3/4" [19.1mm] offset to match the pivot point of a 4-1/2" [114.3 mm] wide butt hinge.

Standard Package: Comes complete with all necessary fasteners. Optional tamper-proof screw available.

Shipping Weight: 1-1/2 lb [0.68 kg]


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