Options and Accessories for Deadlatches

Adams Rite Deadlatches can be ordered with a variety of related products including strike plates, cylinder accessories, electric strikes and trim. Different deadlatches have different installation and cylinder requirements. 

Please refer to product pages for more information on all available deadlatch types, functions, installation requirements and complete How-to-Order guides. For more detailed information on any of the products listed below please refer to the corresponding section of this site/catalog.


4901, 4902 Deadlatch Strikes: 4901, 4902 Deadlatch Strikes add aesthetics and finish to strike cutouts in jambs. These strikes offer a choice of mounting methods: a backup mounting plate included with the 4901 and 4902 allows installation flush in a hollow section jamb. 4506-02 ANSI strike available for wood or steel jambs. See images on catalog page download.



4036 Mortise Cylinder: The 4036 Mortise Cylinder is a standard 1" long,1-5/32" diameter cylinder that provides five-pin security with most Adams Rite locks or latches.

4066 Thumbturn: The 4066 Thumbturn interchanges with standard 1-5/32" diameter mortise cylinder and operates locks or latches without a key.

MS 4043 Cylinder Guard: The MS4043 Cylinder Guard is a hardened steel, free-swiveling ring to protect cylinder from vandalism such as prying or twisting.


Electric Strikes: 

7100, 7400 Series Electric Strikes: The 7100 Series Electric Strikes and Ultraline 7400 Series Electric Strikes are designed for use with Adams Rite deadlatches or cylindrical locksets with a variety of latchbolt projections. An assortment of faceplate dimensions is available for use in hollow metal, wood or aluminum applications.



4603 Rectifier: Converts low voltage AC current to DC of same voltage. Installs in low voltage line between transformer and strike. Full wave bridge type. Rated 2 Amps. (200 PIV).

4605 Transformer: Converts 120 VAC to 12 VAC/24 VAC. Rated 40 Volt-amp output assures plenty of power for strike release.

4606 Transformer: Converts 120 VAC current to 24 VAC.Plugs into standard wall outlet.

29-0218 Piezo Horn: Provides for audible indication of when a DC strike is energized. Operates with12 VDC, 16 VDC, or 24 VDC strikes.

4612 Power Transfer Device: The 4612 Power Transfer Device channels electrical wiring from the door frame into the door itself. This powers electric strikes, locks, exit bars, and more on door hung with butt-type hinges.

PS -1 Power Supply: One amp linear power supply with integrated battery backup circuitry for access control devices.



3080 Series Entry Trim: The 3080 Series Entry Trim provides outside activation for doors with any type of Adams Rite deadlatch or exit device. The locked handle is protected from vandalism and forced entry with a breakaway clutching mechanism.

3090 Keyless Entry: A battery-operated keyless entry control device, the eForce 3090-150 Keyless Entry provides access control for Adams Rite deadlocks, deadlatches, and exit devices for aluminum stile, steel, and wood door applications. The eForce 3090P (Prox) and 3090C (iCLASS) Keyless Entries provide maximum security with either HID® Prox or iCLASS contactless card reader.

Deadlatch Handles: The 4560 and 4565 Deadlatch Handles and 4568 and 4569 Euro Deadlatch Handles easily unlock the 4300, 4500 and 4900 Series Deadlatches. These handles fit solidly into the cylinder hole of the latch.

Deadlatch Paddles: The 4590, 4591 Deadlatch Paddle is an ergonomically-friendly alternative to a knob or lever handle. Operate the 4300, 4500 and 4900 Series Deadlatches with a simple push or pull.

4600 Heavy Duty DeadlatchHandle: The 4600 Heavy Duty Designer Deadlatch Handles are designed with a patented adjustable drive mechanism to operate the 4300, 4500, and 4900 Series Deadlatches.