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The EX76 CVR Exit Device is designed for narrow stile aluminum applications that require a life-safety exit device with concealed vertical rods for two-point locking. The EX76 design features easily adjustable concealed rods and latching assembly designed for easy installation, maintenance, and adjustment. 


When the door closes, the latching assemblies extend into the header and threshold, locking the door at two points. When the active pushbar is depressed, both the top and bottom latching assemblies are retracted, allowing the door to open. Designed for use on single or pairs of doors. Suitable for low, medium and high traffic areas on aluminum and hollow metal applications.


UL 305 Panic Hardware


Materials: Active pushbar and back bar made of extruded aluminum. Matching metal angled end caps.

Handing: Device is non-handed.

Door Thickness: Suits 1-3/4" standard, up to 2-3/4" door thickness. Thick door kit required when used with cylinder in doors over 1-3/4".

Door Height:
• Standard unit adjustable to maximum 96" door height with device mounted at 34" centerline above finished floor, up to 62" above the selected bar height.
• Tall door kit required when used in doors taller than 96". Maximum door height 120".
• Bolt projection easily adjustable. Projection will change 1/8" for every 3 full rotations of the bolt, to a maximum of 5/8" throw.

Stile Width: Minimum 2-1/2" stile. Fits narrow, medium and wide stile aluminum doors.

Stile Wall: Suitable for doors with up to 3/16" stile wall thickness.

Bar Height: Standard model adjusts from 34" to 44" above finished floor.

Projection: 2-1/2" when fully projected,1-3/4" when dogged.

Dogging: Standard dogging with 3/16” hex key.

Fasteners: Device mounted using standard type ‘F’ self-tapping screws and machine screws. Hardware is not visible from back when installed. Adhesive templates for mounting included.

End Caps: Mounting end cap with 1/4" overlap for cut coverage.

Universal Hardware Kit: Hardeware kit is suitable for aluminum, hollow metal, and wood door applications.

• Header strike made of hardened steel
• When properly adjusted to 1/8”door gap the supplied curved strike functions to consistently engage the bolt, which enhances the reliability of the door latching function.

• Select any standard 1" to 1-1/4" [25.4 mm to 31.8 mm] length, 1-5/32" [29.4 mm] diameter mortise cylinder with MS® cam such as the 4036 Mortise Cylinder. Available separately. Cylinders with MS® cams can be readily obtained from most cylinder manufacturers. See CYLINDERS section for cylinder information.
• If key entry operation is required, any standard mortise cylinder with MS® cam may be installed using an EX76-Escutcheon, available separately.

Trim: Compatible with Adams Rite 3080 Series Entry Trim and 3090 Series Entry Trim. See TRIM section for cylinder information.

Noise Reduction:
• Impact bumpers to reduce noise from the initial device activation
• Return control to dampen the sound and control the device returning to its resting state
• Horizontal and vertical guides decrease the scraping sound of the active push bar on the static back bar

Standard Package: Individually boxed.

Shipping weight: 11 lbs [4.99 kg]


• Pushbar and back bar available in choice of 313 Dark bronze anodized, 335 Black anodized, 628 Clear anodized. Metallic end caps finished to match exit device.
• Monitor: Dual signal switch (Options are field installable or factory installed)

For more detailed information on any of the options listed above please see the EX Series Options & Accessories page.


Device Length: 

Exit Device Length Standard Door Opening Width Active Pushbard Length (as measured with end caps) Back Bar Length
Regular (R) 30" – 36" [762 mm – 914.4 mm] 24" [609.6 mm] 32-1/8" [816 mm]
Mid-legth (M) 30" – 42" [762 mm – 1,066.8 mm] 24" [609.6 mm] 38-1/8" [968.4 mm]
Long (L) 42" – 48" [1,066.8 mm – 1,219.2 mm] 30" [762 mm] 44-1/8" [1120.8 mm]

*Device may be field cut to fit opening width between standard lengths by cutting the back bar and filler plate

How To Order:

EX76 Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device: Specify quantity and the following information. Order related products separately. 

Model Length Finishes Device Options
EX76 R 628 M
  R Regular (36") 313 Dark Bronze Anodized (blank) Standard, no options
M Mid-length (42") 335 Blank Anodized M Monitoring
L Long (48") 628 Clear Anodized