4612 Power Transfer Device

The 4612 Power Transfer Device channels electrical wiring from the door frame into the door itself. Designed for use with locks, exit devices, and more on doors hung with butt-type hinges.


Provides a secure and unobtrusive means of channeling electrical wiring from the doorframe into the door itself, for powering electric strikes on the inactive leaf of a pair of doors, locks, exit devices, etc. Suitable for any door hung with butt-type hinges, including continuous or pivots offset 3/4" [19.1 mm] or less. Not compatible with center-pivot doors.



  • UL listed



  • Housing: Stamped steel, approximately 1/16” [1.6 mm] thick. Short (105° swing) version shown is 11-1/12” [281.5 mm] long. 180° version is 20-5/21” [514mm] long. Chrome finish.
  • Case Knife Guard: Particularly for out-swinging doors, a steel barrier fence offers extra protection against attack on the conduit by knives, shims, or other tools. Completely hidden when door is closed.
  • Standard Package: Individually boxed with fasteners as required for each application type: aluminum, hollow metal, or wood.
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lb. [0.45kg]



  • Conduit: Spring steel helix has internal diameter of approximate 5/16". This provides ample room for multiple wires of the low voltage type used with most electrical hardware.



  • Available for application in aluminum, hollow metal, or wood door and frames.
  • Standard (short) version suits doors that swing up to 105°. A longer version is available for doors that open 180°.
  • Swing Clear option also available.


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