4576 Flushbolt with ICU Lever

The 4576 Flushbolt with ICU Lever specifically addresses the easy access needed for swinging doors in hospital ICU wards. The device latches to header allowing both paired of out-swinging narrow stile door leaves to remain active.


Designed for use instead of conventional flip-lever operated flushbolts, the 4576 Flushbolt with Lever latches to the header allowing both door leaves to be “active”. There is no need to pin one door with cylinder operated flushbolts or other devices. The lever is a modified version of the ergonomically-designed 4570 Latch Operator and the concealed vertical rod mechanism is similar to the one used in Adams Rite’s 4781 Two-Point Deadlatch with Paddle. Note, however, that the 4576 Flushbolt with Lever is not intended to substitute for an exit device, which must have a door-spanning bar.



The ergonomically-designed handle activates the U-shaped top bolt, which wraps around the strike post to deadlock position. This flushbolt can be operated from the out-swing side only.



Header Strike: A flanged post installed on the header has generous location adjustment to allow for door misalignment, sag, bumpers, etc. Designed to prevent forced entry by bowing the door.

Handle: The handle is positioned parallel with the stile to provide faster latching and unlatching of the door. Doors can be opened swiftly and easily with one natural motion. Rugged construction ensures dependable performance, with a high-wear spring to return the handle to position after use.

Escutcheon: 1" x 4" x 1/2" escutcheon, designed to match the clean lines of a narrow stile door.

Door Size: Standard unit will fit doors up to 66" above the handle height (110" door if handle is at max 44" height). For taller doors, order 8655 Tall Door Kit, which allows up to 97" above handle.

Standard Package: Individually boxed with mounting hardware.

Shipping weight: 4 lb.


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