4189, 4190 Flush Locksets (Including Deadlock)

Description: The 4189 and 4190 Flush Locksets for sliding doors combine the time-tested and field-proven Adams Rite MS1847 with a slide button.

Function: Projecting only 1/10” from the door stile on either side, 4189 and 4190 locksets allow doors to slide freely past other sliding units or stationary panels. There are no projecting handles to tear draperies or prevent the door from being “stacked” in a wall packet. 4190 has a flush mounted cylinder outside. Not recommended for wood doors.

Operation: Both locksets operated from inside by a simple up or down movement of a slide button, set flush in the deeply recessed finger pull. The lock mechanism (latching action unavailable) is the time-tested and field-proven Adams Rite MS1847 and features the adjustable, self-protecting bolt. Matching “dummy set” is also available (4195).


Inside Operation: Vertical slide button projects or retracts deadlock bolt.

Outside Operation (4190 Only): Key in, five-pin cylinder with Schlage “C” keyway, projects or retracts bolt.

Backset: Variable, minimum: 5/8”, maximum: 1-9/32” (from face to lock to escutcheon and cylinder centerline).

Stile Thickness: May be 1” to 1-3/8”. Available by special order for stiles 1-3/8” thick or greater at extra cost.

Stile Depth: Minimum clear depth: backset plus 9/16”.

Anti-Lift Lock Mechanism: Basic MS 1848-09 (radius ends) or MS1848-10 (square ends) is supplied. Stainless steel bolt is self-protecting, adjustable for reach.

Escutcheons: Zinc Alloy, Satin Silver epoxy.

4413 Interior Pull: The 4413 provides a surface-mounted grip-type pull on doors already equipped with 4189 or 4190 flush hardware. Mounting is by two machine screws and requires no alteration to door or flush lockset. Attractive sheer-line design blends perfectly with the trim appearance of the flush escutcheons, yet offers a generous hand grip for convenience. Material is ABS plastic in graphite grey color.

Options: Specify 4190 if outside key-cylinder operation required; 4189 if not. Add Dash number -10 for square-ended lock face or -09 for round end. Cylinder-only operation (one side) available: 4198 has standard mounting screws, 4196 has non-removable screws. Dummy set 4195 also available. 4413 Interior Pull available separately.

Standard Package: 4190, with cylinder, and 4189, without cylinder, are each complete packages. Shipped individually boxed with mounting screws. 4190 includes two keys. Standard 4190 units are keyed different (KD). Contact factory for special keying. Weight: 1-1/4 lbs.


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4413 Interior Pull available separately.

Special keying available by special order only.

* Keyed alike 2