4568, 4569 Eurostyle Deadlatch Handles

Description: The 4568 and 4569 Deadlatch Handles easily unlock the 4300, 4500 and 4900 Series Deadlatches. These handles fit solidly into the cylinder hole of the latch.

Function: Designed to operate 4300, 4500 and 4900 Series Deadlatches by a natural downward hand movement, these handles incorporate an activator cam disc that mounts on the handles escutcheon and fits solidly into the cylinder hole of the latch. Not intended for use as a door pull.


Levers: Lever of cast aluminum, in choice of 130 Satin Aluminum, 121 Dark Bronze, or 119 Black. Modern European styling offers a generous hand grip with shank offset from the narrow stile jamb for hand safety. 4569 has return end to meet anti-snag code requirements.

Escutcheons: Both handles shown use the same 1-3/8” x 4” escutcheon, designed to match the clean lines of a narrow stile door. Steel mounted base is secured by hidden screws and has two large helical compression springs. (One becomes a “spare” once handing is given.) A 1/4” square heat-treated spindle is part of escutcheon assembly, which interlocks with the cam plug. Finished to match lever.

Cam Plugs: Secured in latch body by cylinder setscrew, plug is also rigidly tied to handle escutcheon by hardened steel pins. Handing can be reversed by removing a spring clip, reversing the cam, and replacing the clip.

Options: Can be ordered for left or right hand door, but is easily reconfigured in the field to accommodate either door swing. The three standard handles shown are for 1-3/4” thick doors. Available on special order for doors up to 3-1/4”.

Standard Package: Packed individually with cam plug handed LH or RH as specified. Mounting screws included. Shipping weight: 1/2 lb.


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