4591 Deadlatch Paddle

Description: The 4591 Deadlatch Paddle is an ergonomically-friendly alternative to a knob or lever handle. Operate with a simple push or pull.

Function: An alternative to knob or lever handles. Makes opening a latched door as natural as opening an unlatched one – just push or pull in the direction the door swings. Available for any Adams Rite 4300, 4500 or 4900 Series Deadlatch, MS+1890 Deadlock/Latch, or 2190/2290 Interconnected Deadbolt/Deadlatch.

Operation: Available in four modes: push to left, push to right, pull to left, and pull to right. Can be reconfigured to any mode in the field. Dogging not to be installed in pull configuration.


Paddle: Extruded aluminum, 628 Clear Anodized finish (US28). 313 Dark Bronze Anodized and 335 Black Anodized are also available. US3 Bright Brass, US26 Bright Chrome, or US26D Satin Chrome plating is also available.

Escutcheon: Zinc allow with black finish. Houses steel operating mechanism. Secured to door stile with special binder posts that extend into the escutcheon to rigidly resist torque loads in any direction.

Cam Plug: Furnished for use with 4300, 4500 and 4900 Series Deadlatches. Cam plug not for use with MS+1890 Deadlock/Latch or 2190/2290 Interconnected Deadbolt/Deadlatch. Secured in latch body by cylinder setscrew, plug is also rigidly tied to escutcheon by hardened steel pins.

Monitor Switch Options:
4591M: Paddle without latch drive mechanism but with switch that can be wired to make or break a low voltage circuit.
4591MA: Paddle with latch drive mechanism, complete active paddle with switch.
91-0914 Monitor Switch Kit: Adds monitor switch function to any 4591 Paddle ("push" version only).

Paddle Dogging (“Push” versions only): Turning hex key in escutcheon holds the paddle down, leaving door free-swinging. Dogging key provided.

Options: First dash number specifies operation (handing) and compatible latch. Second dash number can be used to specify non-standard units for doors thicker than 1-3/4” (see dash table on catalog page). Also available: 4591M Paddle/switch to actuate magnetic lock, alarm, etc. (No latch retracting mechanism.) 4591MA Active Paddle with switch and latch retracting mechanism. 4781 Two-Point Deadlatch uses a modified, but matching version of the 4591 Paddle.

Standard Package: Individually boxed with dogging hex key and mounting hardware. Units for 4300, 4500 or 4900 Series Deadlatches include cam plug. Shipping weight: 1-1/2 lbs.


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