4024, 4025, 4026 Cylinder Pulls

4024, 4025, 4026 Cylinder Pulls are designed to operate Adams Rite MS1847 Deadlock/Deadlatch and 5017 Wood Door Deadlock/Deadlatch.

4024: The five pin tumbler 4024 Cylinder Pull is smaller than the 4025 Cylinder Pull and it is symmetrical, designed for mounting door pull or other trim plate. Can be mounted directly on stile where lock mechanism is mounted on inside surface of stile rather than mortised.

4025: The five pin tumbler 4025 Cylinder Pull has mounting holes spaced to allow clearance around MS1847 Deadlock/Deadlatch mechanism for long through-the-stile mounting screws.

4026: The five pin tumbler 4026 Cylinder Pull is designed for use with 5017 Wood Door Deadlock/Deadlatch for wood door applications.



Designed for use with Adams Rite MS1847 Deadlock/Deadlatch and 5017 WoodDoor Deadlock/Deadlatch, these surface mounted pulls allow a sliding door to be keyed-in with other doors which have cylindrical or mortise locks.



Trim Finish: Zinc alloy housing. Brass cylinders.

Cylinder Both Sides: A pair of 4025 Cylinder Pulls can be mounted opposite each other with long machine screws. Security is maintained since each side offers access to only one screwhead. Both screws would have to be removed to operate the lock without its key. Specify 4025 CYLxCYL set.



• Cylinder Make: Pulls available with Schlage or Weiser Keyway cylinders.
• Available in choice of powder coat 119 to match 335 Black anodized, 121 to match 313 Dark bronze anodized, and 130 to match 628 Clear anodized.


Compatible Products: This product is compatible with the following products:


MS1847 Series

5017 Wood Door Deadlock (4026 only)