5017 Deadlock/Deadlatch

5017 Deadlock/Latch provides the strength and deeper backset required to secure sliding wood doors.


For wood framed sliding doors, the compact 5017 Wood Door Deadlock/Latch provides the same 1000 lbs strength that the MS1847 Deadlock/Latch provides for metal stiles. A deeper backset clears the recessed jamb used with wood doors. The sturdy stainless steel bolt has two important features not usually found in sliding door hardware. First, it is adjustable: a full 3/16" [4.8 mm] lengthening or shortening of bolt projection is possible by turning an exposed screw in the face of the lock. This can compensate for considerable misalignment between door and jamb. Second, the bolt is self-protecting: if the door is closed with the bolt in the locked position, the bolt will retract immediately upon contact with the jamb. This automatic latch can prevent damage or accidental lockout.



45° rotation of turn or key projects or retracts bolt. Bolt is self- protecting: if door is shut while bolt is extended, it will retract, preventing damage or accidental lock-out. Cylinder pulls available separately for keyed operation.



Cylinder Backset: 1-3/16" [30.2 mm]; 1-1/4" [31.8 mm] including faceplate.

Case: Measures 1/2" x 4" x 1-19/32" deep [12.7 mm x101.6 mm x 40.5 mm deep]. Stainless steel.

Bolt: Three-ply laminated stainless steel. Designed to withstand approximately one-half ton of either horizontal or vertical force. Anti-lift bolt stops both door-from-jamb pry bar attacks and attempts to lift the door from its track.

Cylinder Pull: (4026 Pull) Five pin tumbler cylinder in zinc alloy housing. Standard finish 130 Satin Aluminum.

Lock: Stainless steel, 5/8" x 4-1/2" [15.9 mm x 114.3 mm] with radiused ends.

Mounting: By throughbolts, which also secure the inside turn and outside cylinder when installed.

Turn: 1015 Turn available with 1016 blank plate shown for doors from 5/6" [21.2 mm] to 2-1/4" [57.2 mm] thickness. Without blank plate turn available (for use with cylinder pull) on doors from 1-7/16" [36.5 mm] to 2" [50.8 mm] thickness. Standard finish 130, Satin Aluminum enamel.

Standard Package: Cylinder pull available separately.

Shipping weight: 1/2 lb [0.23 kg].



• 1015 Turn for inside operation is available alone (for use with 4026 cylinder pull on outside) or with a blank 1016 outside trim plate and binder posts (when cylinder is not required).
• 4810 Box Strike with woodscrews available separately.


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