Power Accessories

Rectifier, Transformer, Piezo Horn

4603 Rectifier

The 4603 Rectifier converts low voltage AC current to DC of same voltage. Installs in low voltage line between transformer and strike. Full wave bridge type. Rated 2 Amps (200 PIV).


4605 Transformer

The 4605 Transformer converts 120 VAC to 12/24 VAC. Rated 40Volt-amp output assures sufficient power for electric strike.
Certifications: UL listed


4606 Plug-In Transformer

The 4606 Plug-In Transformer converts 120 VAC current to 24 VAC. Plugs into standard wall outlet.
Certifications: UL listed


29-0218 Piezo Horn

Provides for audible indication when a DC electric strike is energized. Compatible with 12, 16, or 24 VDC electric strikes.


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