3300 Series (Fire-Rated), 8300 Series (Life-Safety) - Mortise Exit Device

Model Type Rating Door Construction Max Size Single Doors Max Size Pairs & Double Egress
3300 SPM (Single Point Mortise) 3 hr Hollow metal 4'0" x 10'0" 8'0" x 10'0"* (active leaf)

*May be used with 3100 or 3600 Series with an open back strike.

  • Heavy duty deadlatching mechanism
  • Strong, durable construction for a high level of security
  • Easy to install
  • Clean, unobtrusive design
  • Pushbar clad or anodized, not plated, in a variety of finishes

3300 Series Certifications:
• UL Panic-Fire Exit Hardware, 3-Hour Fire Label
• UL 305 Panic Hardware
• California State Fire Marshall 
• New York City MEA*
• Warnock/Hersey Listing

8300 Series Certifications:
• UL 305 Panic Hardware
• ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Grade 1
• California State Fire Marshall
• New York City MEA*

*Consult Factory for specific number

Materials: Pushbar made of extruded aluminum, clad, or anodized in a variety of finishes.

Handing: Specify handing and bevel if applicable. Lever Entry Trim is field reversible.

Pushbar Length: Standard sizes: dimensioned for 30", 36”, 42”, and 48” openings. Standard width bars can be field cut to the next smallest opening width.

Door Thickness: Suits 1-3/4” standard. Can be modified for thicker doors.

Stile Width: 3300 – Minimum 5”. Door construction may require additional stile width to meet fire ratings and provide adequate strength. 8300 - Minimum 5".

Projection: 2-5/8” when fully projected, 1-5/8”when dogged.

Dogging: Standard dogging with hex key or cylinder dogging for 8300 Series only. Electric dogging also available for 3300 and 8300 Series.

Fasteners: Standard self-tapping screws. Optional Sex Bolt Kits 26-0584 (two required per device). Specify finish.

Strikes: Made of stainless steel. Supplied with exit device. See additional information below.

Cylinders (available separately): See CYLINDERS for cylinder make, thumbturn and trim ring information.

Cylinder x Fixed Pull: (Function 03): Accepts any standard mortise cylinder with MS® cam.

3080 Entry Lever (Functions 08, 09): Accepts any standard diameter mortise cylinder with MS® cam. Accommodates cylinder lengths from 1” to 1-1/4”. (Available separately).

Warranty: Five year limited.

3300 Fire-Rated/8300 Life-Safety: Heavy –duty deadlatch fits ANSI A115.1 standard door and jamb prep. 2-3/4” backset.

Strikes: A variety of strikes are available for different conditions and applications. Standard strike (included). Open Back 4009-01 (available separately).

Thick Door Kits (8300 Only):
  • 91-0995-02 - 2” Thick Door Kit
  • 91-0995-03 - 2-1/4” Thick Door Kit
  • 91-0995-04 - 2-1/2” Thick Door Kit
  • 91-0995-05 - 2-3/4” Thick Door Kit
  • 91-0995-06 - 3” Thick Door Kit

Options and Accessories:
Silent Electrification Motorized Latch Retraction: The SE Motorized Latch Retraction option provides near-silent operation for quiet environments such as hospitals, offices, hotels, and libraries where solenoid-driven devices would be disruptive.

Electric Latch Retraction: The LR option uses a solenoid mounted in the pushbar for instantaneous unlocking and locking of the exit device from a remote location or access control device. LR option is not available on rim type exit devices (see EL option).

Alarmed Exit Device: This battery-operated option emits a loud (95 decibel) alarm to notify management of unauthorized exit. Available on minimum opening width 36". Cannot be ordered with other exit device options.

Request to Exit (REX) – Monitor / Signal Switch: Mounted in the exit device pushbar on the hinge end, the switch can be used to activate signal light, horn, monitor, or other devices.

Cylinder Dogging: For management control of dogging exit devices for life-safety exit devices only.

Electric Dogging: A holding magnet keeps the pushbar depressed (set manually) and the latch retracted for lower profile exit devices, resulting in less damage and quieter operation.

Matching End Caps: Matching end caps are available for applications where it is preferable that the end caps match the finish of the exit device. Available for US finishes only.

Available Finishes: 313 Dark Bronze Anodized, 335 Black Anodized, 628 Clear Anodized, US3 Bright Brass, US4 Satin Brass, US32 Bright Stainless, US32D Satin Stainless.

For more information on any of the options and accessories listed above please see Options & Accessories for Exit Devices.


Related Products: When purchasing this product, please consider the following related products, available separately:

Accessories Cylinders Trim Power

Optional Sex Bolt Kits 26-0584 (two per device) available separately.

Thick Door Kits, Extended Lip Strike 8360-XX and Open Back Strike 4009-01 available separately.

REX-Monitor/Signal Kits available separately.

Adams Rite exit devices are operable by either rim or mortise cylinders depending upon the ANSI/BHMA functions of the exit device.  Entry trim and fixed pulls available separately. Power supplies such as PS-SE, PS-LR, and 4612 Power Transfer Device available separately.

Related ANSI Trim Functions:

1 02 03 08 09 14
Exit only - no outside operation No outside operation - pull only when dogged Night latch - key retracts latch Key outside unlocks/locks lever Key unlocks trim, trim retracts latch/trim relocks when key is removed Passage only
Cylinder type - N/A Cylinder type - N/A Cylinder type - Mortise Cylinder type - Mortise Cylinder type - Mortise Cylinder type - N/A

Please see TRIM for information on Pulls and Entry Trim.